Steve Poizner for Insurance Commissioner 2018

5 Reasons to Support Steve Poizner for Insurance Commissioner

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1. Steve Will Help Lower Insurance Rates

Steve refuses to accept contributions from the insurance industry.

In his first term, Steve saved drivers and homeowners almost $2 billion in lower insurance rates.

As the only nonpartisan candidate with the experience necessary to regulate the insurance industry, he will protect California consumers from undue rate increases.

2. Steve Will Protect Disaster Victims

Nobody should have to experience a natural disaster. But when one happens, every Californian should know that their insurance commissioner will fight for them to get the claims they deserve.

Steve will be there to protect Californians again.


3. Steve Will Protect California Taxpayers

Government waste, inefficiency, and incompetence are paid for by hardworking taxpayers.

In his first term, Steve saved taxpayers $17 million by permanently cutting the insurance bureaucracy by 13%.

Steve will make sure the insurance commissioner's office is run efficiently and effectively.

4. Steve Will Be Tough on Fraud

Steve has no sympathy for fraudsters. Every crime they commit increases the cost of insurance for everyone else.

That’s why, in his first term, Steve arrested over 3,000 people for insurance fraud (a record!) and restored insurance for thousands of innocent consumers after health insurance companies illegally canceled policies.


5. Steve is Fiercely Independent

In his first term, Steve refused insurance industry contributions and served his term as a nonpartisan consumer advocate.

As the San Jose Mercury News editorial board wrote at the end of Steve’s first term, Poizner’s non-partisan approach worthy of emulation.