Steve Poizner for Insurance Commissioner 2018


We need practical solutions that incentivize better care.

The Insurance Commissioner oversees just a small portion of the health insurance marketplace—most of the rest is regulated by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. However, as the state’s primary official overseeing the insurance industry, the Commissioner can and should support workable solutions to health insurance issues.

With the uninsured rate down to 5% in large part from the impact of the Affordable Care Act, escalating costs of providing medical care remains a huge problem, expected to rise at the rate of 5.5% per year until 2026. Yet the debate is being driven by the special interests who are only seeking to bring more money into the current broken health care system. As Insurance Commissioner, Steve Poizner will focus on 3 areas:

PICT0226.jpgPutting a Spotlight on Issues with CA’s HealthCare System

  • As Insurance Commissioner, Steve will launch a study of exactly how the current $400B in health care system flows

Insurance Fraud

  • Insurance Commissioner investigates and prosecutes fraud in the healthcare system
  • Not a victimless crime, the costs of fraud ripple through the whole system, and get passed on in the form of higher health insurance rates
  • Priority is to fill the current 27% vacancy in the Department of Insurance Fraud division

Oppose Single Payer Health Legislation

  • Single payer system will require new CA taxes of $200+ billion
  • Requires permission from the federal government to shut off Medicare and MediCal in CA and transfer funds to help defray costs of new single payer system
  • Raids taxpayer funds intended for students, teachers, and schools by modifying Prop 98 which guarantees school funding