Steve Poizner for Insurance Commissioner 2018

Mercury News editorial: Poizner’s non-partisan approach worthy of emulation

"When Poizner, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, was elected commissioner in 2006, he promised to keep politics out of the job, which he thought should be nonpartisan. He made good on that promise overall, standing up for policy holders while trying to maintain a healthy insurance industry, also part of the job description.

California’s insurance industry is a $120 billion operation, about 15 percent of the state’s economy. Outside of the governor, the insurance commissioner may have more impact on Californians’ daily lives than any other elected official. And the less political the office is, the greater respect it commands."

"Poizner’s main goal was creating more affordable insurance options. He pioneered pay-as-you-drive auto insurance in California, allowing companies to offer rates based on the number of miles people drive. Two companies have taken him up on it so far. The plans both help drivers save money and create an incentive to drive less.

Poizner was aggressive in going after insurance fraud, making nearly 3,000 arrests and achieving more than $120 million in restitution in his first three years in office. When Anthem Blue Cross filed in 2010 for a rate increase of up to 39 percent, it was Poizner’s office that organized a meticulous review of Anthem’s outrageous proposal and found major errors, forcing a double-digit reduction in the increase."

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