Steve Poizner for Insurance Commissioner 2018

Top California Republican to run statewide as an independent

"Poizner told Politico on Monday that as California confronts the impacts of devastating fires, mudslides and growing cybersecurity threats, he’s decided to seek the office of insurance commissioner for a second time — but this time, without a party label."

“California’s insurance commissioner needs to be fiercely independent of the insurance industry, which is why being free of partisan politics is especially important,’’ said Poizner, who held the office from 2007 to 2011. He said his experience in three arenas — the public sector with expertise in tech, as well the private and the nonprofit sectors — distinguishes him from two other major party candidates seeking the office. 

“People are just sick and tired with a lot of partisan bickering and stalemates. ... I just know that there is this mood out there where people are hungry for problem solvers.”

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