Steve Poizner for Insurance Commissioner 2018


What does the Insurance Commissioner do?

The Insurance Commissioner oversees, regulates, audits and investigates California’s massive, 4th largest in the world insurance industry market.

The Insurance Commissioner oversees, regulates, audits and investigates California’s $332 billion-a-year insurance industry.

Keeping insurance rates competitive is vitally important to California’s business climate, as well as to consumers.

The Insurance Commissioner is responsible for issuing certificates of authority to insurance and title companies seeking admittance in the California market.

The Insurance Commissioner insures that businesses and consumers get the coverage and benefits they are paying for, through financially sound and solvent companies.

The Insurance Commissioner has control over licensing of agents, brokers, solicitors, and bail bonds agents in California.

The Insurance Commissioner directs the investigation and prosecution of companies, licensees, and consumers accused of fraud and other insurance code violations.

Fraud is a major contributing factor in rising rates.

The Insurance Commissioner oversees the California Department of Insurance that includes, but is not limited to, the following divisions:

Consumer Services Division — responsible for gathering and responding to consumer inquiries regarding insurance company or producer activities.

Fraud Division — Responsible for investigating and prosecuting violations of the insurance code.

Market Conduct Division — consists of the Field Claims Bureau and the Field Rating and Underwriting Bureau. These two bureaus conduct examinations of companies to be sure the companies are in compliance with the California Insurance Code and the California Code of Regulations with respect to rating, underwriting and claim handling practices.

Office of the Ombudsman — is responsible for several special projects aimed at increasing service and streamlining department operations.

Policy and Planning Division — includes Policy Research Division, Statistical Analysis Division, the Legislative Office and the Rate Specialist Bureau. While the Legislative Office carries forward policy initiatives, the Policy Research Division, in concert with the Statistical Analysis Division, identifies trends in the industry.

Rate Regulation Branch — regulates the rates and rating plans of companies selling property and casualty insurance in California.